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“For me, designing a garden is like a language. When I design gardens, I ‘translate’ what the customer puts forward together with the information I collect from the location – the Genius Loci – into a garden concept that fits like a custom-made suit where I have shaped the style, the characteristics, and the forms into a single story, a harmonic whole. The lines of force form a stage for the poetry of the garden: the incidence of light, moments of time, sounds of leaves, the seasons with changing colors and scents, and so on. So many elements constantly play a role in the garden. Therefore, the garden should be arranged so as to reflect every day of the year.

The most exciting thing of landscape architecture is the ‘unexpected’. A garden is not a ‘thing’ it is a contstant ‘process’. Creating and maintaining a garden is the search for the very tempting but delicate balance between the ephemeral and the timeless.


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Tulip Gardens
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Tulip Garden "Falling Drop" 
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